Erwan Bezard, PhD, France

Bezard, INSERM Research Director, has authored or co-authored over 270 professional publications in the field of neurobiology, most of which are on Parkinson's disease and related disorders. Listed in the Top 1% of the most cited neuroscientists (H factor= 77 – Google Scholar), he is known for the development of new strategies to alleviate symptoms and/or to slow disease progression.

Bezard is the director of a CNRS research unit located in Bordeaux, the Institute of Neurodegenerative Diseases, which features preclinical and clinical researchers working towards development of therapeutic solutions. Bezard is also a visiting professor at the Institute of Lab Animal Sciences (Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Beijing, China) where he set up and manages an experimental primatology center at the heart of the specificity of his research. He serves on the board of international organizations such as the Michael J. Fox Foundation and Parkinson’s UK. He is Associate Editor of Neurobiology of Disease and of Synapse, two leading journals in the field. He serves on the editorial boards of several other neurobiology journals. Besides consulting for several drug companies in the field of movement disorders, he is the Chief Scientific Officer of Motac Neuroscience (UK), a leading CRO for the definition of efficacy of therapeutic strategies in animal models of neurological disorders, and a non-executive director of Treefrog Therapeutics (France).