Article 1 

These Measures are formulated in accordance with the Law of the People 's Republic of China on Administrative Licensing in order to implement the Regulations on the Administration of Laboratory Animals in Beijing and strengthen the management of the Permit for Experimental Animals in this Municipality.


Article 2 

These Measures shall apply to the application, examination and approval, issuance and management of experimental animal licenses in the administrative area of this Municipality.


Article 3 

The Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission (hereinafter referred to as the Municipal Science and Technology Commission) is the competent authority for the management of laboratory animal licenses. Beijing Experimental Animal Management Office (hereinafter referred to as the city management office) is responsible for the daily management of experimental animal permits.

The fourth experimental animal license includes "experimental animal production license" and "experimental animal use permit". The original license and the copy of the same license, the original license and a copy of the same legal effect.
Engaged in experimental animals and experimental animals for feed, litter, cage equipment and other related products production, supply or engaged in experimental animal management organizations or individuals should be "experimental animal production license."
The use of experimental animals and related products, organizations or individuals should be "experimental animal use permit."

Article 5 

An organization applying for a "experimental animal production license" shall meet the following requirements:

(A) has a sound experimental animal management organization;
(2) having a sound quality management system and standard operating procedures;
(C) with animal welfare, biosafety management system;
(D) with professional training programs and staff health protection requirements;
(5) having the production environment facilities in accordance with the national standards and relevant regulations in accordance with the production of experimental animals and related products, and have the corresponding experimental animal quality testing capability or with the testing capacity of the body signed a formal commission inspection agreement;
(6) the use of experimental animal feed, litter, cage equipment and drinking water should meet the national standards and related requirements;
(7) practitioners are familiar with experimental animal regulations, standards and basic knowledge, qualified by the examination.